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Save Money by Converting to Gas Hot Water

Hot water is the biggest energy user in many Australian homes. Almost 50% of households have electric hot water systems when more efficient alternatives like gas hot water could cut the energy usage charges on an average bill by hundreds. It could pay to make the switch.

Your home’s hot water tank is the second most energy consuming device that you own. Electricity generally costs more than natural gas, so an electric hot water heater can be a huge drain on your financial resources. You obviously are not able to do without hot water, but there are things you could do to reduce your water heating costs.

A better approach is to switch to a less costly energy source to heat your water. The best solution for most homeowners is a switch to natural gas for water heating. Natural gas as an energy source costs less to heat hot water, heat your home and cook your food than an equivalent usage of electricity. It is also far more consistent than electricity. So better still you can make the switch to heat and cook with natural gas.

Power lines are frequently downed by storms or tree limbs which become heavy and fall. Even downed power lines somewhere else on the electrical grid can cause a loss of electricity to your home, as service to your neighborhood is shut off for repairs to be made elsewhere.

You never hear about this happening with gas, because natural gas is piped into the home via underground pipes that aren’t affected by the wind or storms.

Not only are the benefits there for your Hot Water System, So image the whole house connected to natural gas and there is a black out in your street this winter you could still be enjoying the warmth of your heater, nice hot water so you can still take that shower and of course the dinner can still be cooked and a nice pot of boiling water for that cup of tea. Now candlelight could really be enjoyed!

If you already have natural gas service to your home, switching from an electric hot water tank to a gas hot water tank is very easy to do. Call us at Curl Curl Plumbing to find out how.


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