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Water Jetter Drain Cleaning

Do you need to have your blocked drain cleared today?

When it comes to Blocked drains in Sydney, we are the drain experts and we guarantee to clear your drain or you don’t pay.

When it comes to blocked drain in Sydney we invest in the best equipment on the market from around the world. The high pressure water jet is the latest technology in drain cleaning equipment. The water jet has replaced the electric eel when it comes to drain cleaning due to speed, cost effective and quality of root removal from the drain.

10 years ago we put the electric eel into retirement and moved to the water jetter as we felt it was not providing the level of service the customer was needing to clear there blocked drain in Sydney. Due to the restriction of the electric eel we were finding that we were coming up against more blocked drains that could not be cleared with the electric eel and then having to bring in a water jetter to clear the drain.

This was costing the customer twice as much for both services. So we got rid of the electric eel and fitted all our trucks with high pressure water jetters and CCTV drain cameras. The water jet drain cleaner out performs the eclectic eel on a number of levels.

1. Speed. The water jetter is faster to set up and clear blocked drains due to the continues length of hose that is sent down the drain. There is no heavy equipment and metal cables to carry around. The water jetter can clear blockages 60 meters downstream of the entry point. Can also get into tight locations.  IE: Under the house.

2. Finish product. As the electric eel tares at roots with in the pipe as it goes past this will always leave a large percentage of roots still in the pipe. The high pressure water jetter blast the roots off with the sheer pressure of the water. The water jetter will cut the roots back level with the pipe as well as removing any scaly build up. This giving the drain a longer period before the drain blocks again.

3. Blocked storm water. Most stormwater when they are blocked are full of leaves, dirt and silt as well as tree roots. The electric eel is not designed to remove silt from the drain it will only cut the roots. This is where the water jet is different. Due to the high pressure water blasting backwards the water jet will blast out all the silt and dirt. Using special heads the dirt and silt can be dragged out of the drain and bring the pipe back to look like new. It is common on building sites for the drains to be filled with cement and builders rubble. The high pressure water jetter is the best piece of equipment to remove this type of material from the drain.

4. Access. The water jet uses an inch hose to send down the drain. Due to this you are able to access the pipe through small access points. The standard domestic high pressure water jetter will clear any pipe from 40mm to 225mm. for pipes over 225mm a large commercial water jetter is required. When you have limited room to access the drain the water jetter is perfect for this type of work as the equipment is light and small. Perfect for under houses or inside bathrooms. As apposed to the old electric eel which is heavy and difficult to move around especially when there are many steps. The process to set up the eel is slow and awkward with all the length of cable that need to be connected and disconnect every 2.5 meters.

5. Power. The water jetter has all its power at the nozzle which is the part that cuts through the roots as apposed to the eel which is driven by the machine out of the ground so the further the cable goes down the pipe the weaker the cable becomes to cutting the roots. Water jetters will cut roots up to 20mm in diameter.

6. Stubborn Blockages. The water jetter is amazing piece of equipment when it comes to clearing difficult blockages. Be it a large tree root or a long tail of roots or a grease blockage. The water jetter will clear it. The high pressure water will slowly cut and blast away what is ever in its way.


How does the Water Jetter work?

A water jetter is a machine designed to quickly clear drains using a Petrol motor and pump to blast water at 5000 psi in the direction its aimed. It’s the pressure of the water discharging through a series of small holes in the nozzle that cuts through the tree roots at the pressure of 5000psi. Did you know that they even cut steel using extremely high water pressure building ships.

Water is forced backwards which drives the cutting nozel through the drain pipe. As the water goes past the obstructions it will blast it backwards. The debris can be dragged from the pipe by the operator as he drags the hose back out of the drain.

The water usage is very low as the water jetter works on pressure not volume.

Our Guarantee To You

We are the one stop shop when it comes to blocked drain in Sydney Northern beaches , North shore and Eastern suburbs. We Guarantee to fix any blocked, leaking or collapsed sewer pipe. We fix the drains that other plumbers can’t. When you call Curl Curl Plumbing you will always get an Expert Drain Plumber who has drain camera, water jetter and No Dig pipe repair technology.

So call Curl Curl Plumbing now on 1300 566 292 and we GUARANTEE to fix you drain or you don’t pay.

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