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Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

As Autumn draws closer to winter, we start to look at wearing our scarves, beanies, and woollen jumpers again. Winter allows us the chance to focus on the cosy comforts that keep us warm and content.

Living in Sydney means we are usually lucky enough to avoid the painful and freezing cold temperatures. However, in the surrounding areas of Sydney, we can still see decent frosts in the early morning. These frosts can wreak havoc with our plumbing systems and threaten our winter cosiness with cold showers and leaking roofs!

Therefore, before the cold weather of winter hits, it is a great idea to go through a plumbing maintenance checklist. This will help you to avoid having to go without your winter comforts during the coldest months of the year. Checking and servicing the following plumbing system elements is your ticket to a more comfortable winter season.


Make sure you know where your mains water isolation shut off valve is located. In the event of an emergency, it’s important to know how to turn off the water immediately! The shut off may be near the water heater, or it could be out at the water meter.


Water Pipes

When it gets frosty, pipe leaks can become a problem that is more than just annoying. In the outer areas of Sydney temperatures can drop quite low in winter, that in turn can cause havoc and damage to your piping. Take the time to check all the exposed pipes outside for leaks.

Once the outside check is completed it is a good idea to also check all your inside taps, sinks and shower heads as well. Just one leaking tap can cost you a lot of money in the long run.

Stormwater Drainage Pipes, Downpipes & Gutters

Before the winter rains begin, now is the time to make sure your stormwater drainage pipes, downpipes and gutters are all clear, or you might end up needing to tackle leaks and overflows. Pour a bucket of water into your gutters and downpipes to ensure water is flowing freely. An overloaded gutter can pull away from the house, requiring serious repair costs.

Roof Leaks

To avoid damage to your furniture and fittings and the expense plus lengthy repairs to the structure of your home, check carefully for any signs of roof leaks, including water marks on the ceilings or walls.

Garden Hoses

Garden hoses left attached to the outside taps can be badly damaged after a cold winter. Storing the garden hose away prevents freezing and cracking in the colder areas such as the outer Sydney districts. In most cases you are not likely to need the garden hose during winter anyway, therefore storing it in a dry area will extend its life.

Hot Water System

There is nothing better than a hot shower in winter. In the winter months, hot water systems are under an increased load due to the lower ambient temperatures. Is your hot water, hot enough? If not, you may need to turn the temperature up slightly. Also, check for any leaks or rust marks around the outside of the hot water tank. Finally check that the safety relief valve is functioning correctly (check your water heater manual for more information).

If you are concerned that your hot water system may be underperforming, call the experienced Sydney plumbers at Curl Curl Plumbing to check your system and service, plus repair any defects. We can also assess and advise on hot water system replacements which are cost-effective, energy efficient, and suit your needs.

As such Curl Curl Plumbing is offering an Autumn Plumbing Check-up Service to local homeowners to ensure your home is ready for the winter season. This service is normally $149, however, for the remainder of Autumn, we are charging only $69.

Curl Curl Plumbing has experienced plumbers that service Sydney’s North Shore & Northern Beaches, giving you peace of mind for when the cold and rains hit.

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