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Curl Curl Administration Admin Login - Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A secret that could save YOU thousands of dollars!

By replacing your tank’s “SACRIFICIAL ANODE” you can double to triple the life of your hot water system!

The “Sacrificial Anode” protects your tanks steel cylinder walls from rusting and is designed to last just past your tanks warranty period, which is usually 5 years. After that your tank is no longer protected and will rust rapidly.

Unfortunately some of our customers experience a premature hot water tank rupture, or worse, an explosion, due to rusting, resulting in a complete tank replacement, costing thousands of dollars.

The good news is that by replacing the anode, if necessary, you could double to triple the life of your tank. 

 Don’t be the victim of a costly tank rupture!

Benefits and Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Anode Regularly:

1. Your hot water tank will last years longer.

2. You will save money $$ by making the tank last up to 3 times longer (this will depend on water quality and regular servicing of your unit).

3. You will save on the inconvenience and the hassle of frequent hot water replacements.

4. You will save $$ on electricity or gas when your tank is clean & operating correctly.

5. You will be helping the environment, (less tank replacements, less disposal at our ever diminishing rubbish dumps).

6. You will not be wasting valuable resources (electricity, gas & water).

7. Your hot water will be much cleaner for showers, dish washing and the laundry.

Call to book in and have one of our fully qualified technician replace your anodes if needed.

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