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Curl Curl Administration Admin Login - Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The recently adopted requirement by the Plumbing Code of Australia means safety for your whole family.

To protect consumers and their families it is now requested that any hot water system that is installed or replaced must have a temp valve installed. Also any new plumbing work that involves installing hot water pipes being run must be tempered.

Scalding is one of the most serious, painful and long-term injuries for young children.  Scalding can happen very quickly, depending on the temperature of the water. 

For example, at 60°C a serious burn can occur in 1 second.  However, at 50°C a serious burn wouldn’t typically happen until after 5 minutes, so you can see the benefit of controlling the temperature of the hot water at the tap.

The required device is not to be confused with a temperature touch pad that some consumers may have installed already in the bathroom. The difference is in the safety of the valve.

With a tempering valve installed it adjust the temperature of the water by automatically mixing the correct amount of hot with the cold back near the hot water system and maintain a set temperature for the outlet water. This means once set it can’t be accidently changed.

The tempering valve not only provides water at a safe and controlled temperature, but can also shut down water supply in the event that cold water supply fails.

The tempering valve can be installed on all types of hot water systems including Solar hot water systems as well.

Prevention is always better than cure and peace of mind is always a nice thing to have!

Ask us how we can help you further and have one installed in your home.

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