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Curl Curl Administration Admin Login - Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Downpipes are often overlooked in the home maintenance schedule; and yet – because of the large volume of water that falls on the average Australian roof – downpipes and other rainwater products are some of the most important assets for any property. Neglecting your down pipes means running the risk of major damage through leaks caused by blocked, rusted or damaged downpipes.

Because downpipes are constantly exposed to the elements, they can become weakened over time. If you identify a weak or rusted spot, it's normally an indication that it is time for your downpipe to be replaced.

Downpipes manage the flowing of water that comes from the roof. As rain pours, the gutter collects the rainwater then directs it to the downpipe or the spout. This way, water doesn’t seep in to your home, and eventually weakening the structure in the long run.

Because downpipes are highly an integral part of taking care of your home, they also have to be properly maintained. The downpipe, for example, can actually collect debris such as leaves. If these are allowed to accumulate, they will no longer be able to work efficiently and may also get trapped further down and end up in your stormwater drains causing further blockages and damage. Before you know it, the water starts running through the walls, leaving stains and grossly sight.

It’s great to make sure you see to it that your downpipes are in great shape but it’s best to be sure of it. At Curl Curl Plumbing you can call on an expert to help you in maintenance repair. 
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