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Case Study : How pipe relining kept neighbours good friends.

Curl Curl Administration Admin Login - Monday, May 19, 2014
As plumbers we have noticed an increase in sewerage leaking from pipes.  This is caused from the pipes moving and cracking underground which allows the sewerage  to leak from the cracks and through the ground. This is most evident with properties situated on a hill, as the sewer will flow through the ground and can appear in such places as bottom of retaining walls, basements and stormwater pits.

This month’s case study was in Cremorne where the sewer was leaking from a unit block to the property on the lower side of the hill. The sewer was then running down the side of the building and into the stormwater with sewerage ending up in Sydney Harbour.

The first option presented was to dig up the sewer down the side path which would have created a lot of mess and inconvenience to the residents in both neighbouring blocks, as well as putting the retaining wall between the properties at risk of collapse.

Curl Curl Plumbing was called in to offer an alternative,  we proposed to use our NO Dig Pipe relining solution and reline the sewer pipe down the length of the block. A small excavation was made in the lawn at the front to gain access to the sewer pipe. The pipe was than relined  upstream to cover over all the defective cracks and joints. The whole process was completed in 1 day. This is 7 days faster than the alternative of digging up the pipe.

The sewer stopped leaking straight away so the neighbours were very delighted.

Benefits for this case to Pipe Reline

  1. Fast Repair
  2. No Mess, No Digging, No Noise
  3. Product has a minimum of 50 year life expectancy.
  4. Saves money on reinstating path ways and gardens.

If you would like to know more about pipe relining go to our website

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