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What causes taps to leak?

Curl Curl Administration Admin Login - Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Drip Drip Drip. That is enough to send you over the edge. So what is it that makes those taps drip?

Well there are 3 main reasons that cause your standard taps to leak.

  1. First cause - Worn tap washers. Tap washer are a wearable part. This is either from the rubber perishing due to old age or from the washer being squashed to many times or being squashed to tight. Once this has happened the taps should be serviced. Always service hot & cold taps at the same time.  Make sure you use a good quality washer. The rubber should be firm and the stem of the washer should be cooper or brass. Never use plastic.

  2. Second cause - Worn brass seat. The tap washer is 1 part of the solution to stop leaking taps. You must also service the brass seat. The seat needs to be completely smooth and flat for the washer to have any chance of sealing tight. Before you reseat it is important to check the thickness of the brass seat. This is done sticking you little finger into the centre of the seat and feeling how much brass is left to reseat. If not much brass is left you will need to consider changing the body’s in the wall or hob as if you try and reseat the brass you may chop the whole seat out and you will not be able to use the tap until the body has been changed.  If there is enough brass left just give the seat a light grind using a reseating tool that fits into a cordless drill. Check regularly while carrying out so you don’t remove to much brass. Once you have a clean shiny brass seat flush out the brass shavings.
  3. Third cause - Worn Spindale. If you have completed 1 & 2 and you still cannot get the tap to stop leaking it may be because the thread within the Spindale has worn and it just wont force the washer close. This can only be fixed with new Spindale’s. Always replace the hot & cold Spindale never do just one.
If you need to see a professional plumbing technician to service your taps please call our friendly team on 9907 6077

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