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Prevent Blocked Drains and Keep your Storm Water Pipes Flowing with the NEW
No Mess, No Fuss, No Dig Drain Cleaning Solution.

We are Curl Curl Plumbing the blocked drain experts.

We have been clearing Storm Water drains on the Sydney Northern Beaches and North shore for over 10 years so we understand what is involved to get your Blocked Storm Water drain flowing again if it becomes clogged.  We specialize in drains so we always have a solution to permanently fix your Storm Water from ever blocking again.

In our experience, we've seen two primary causes of blocked drains and stormwater pipes.

The first reason is because of tree roots intruding in to your external drainage systems.  This is often the case with aged earthenware pipes but can also cause damage to newer PVC pipes.  When it comes to unblocking stormwater pipes, we also often find they have been installed incorrectly usually due to shortcuts taken by the current or previous property owners who have taken a short cut and not had the pipes installed by a qualified plumber.  In these instances, tree roots can often intrude through poorly installed joints and once the tree roots have intruded in to your stormwater drains, they will continue to keep invading no matter how you go about clearing the blockage. 

The second way your stormwater drains clog up is due to lack of maintenance to the grates around your property.  In heavy rain, they can become clogged with debris that washing through and becomes lodged and blocked inside the pipe.

How do you clear blocked stormwater drains?

The best way to clear a blocked stormwater drain is by using a High Pressure water jetter.  This equipment has replaced the old Electric Eel for Drain specialists within the industry.  The High pressure water jetter cuts the roots cleanly off at the edge of the pipe and blasts off the sludge build up that lays inside your drain.   It's also faster and more flexible.

When stormwater pipes become blocked due to silt and dirt the water jetter is the only equipment that will remove it from the drain.  It is the high pressure water that will blast the silt from the drain to bring it back to its original condition.  In our experience, the water jetter is far more successful in clearing blocked storm water drains than the old electric eel.

How do you prevent stormwater drains from blocking?

Once your Storm Water drain is flowing again your Curl Curl Plumbing Technician will talk to you about what has caused the blockage and where the blockage was located with in your storm water drain.  To be able to accurately diagnose the problem we use a CCTV Drain Camera.  This equipment enables us to see under the ground. We can tell you the condition of the entireStorm Water line and what was causing the blockage.  Our drain technician will give you a complete report which enables you to make a informed decision on how you would like to proceed with your drain repairs.

Cost Effective Solutions for Repairing Blocked Drains

At Curl Curl Plumbing we always give our customers the option for a temporary or permanent solution to their drain problem.  The most common way to permanently repair a blocked Storm Water drain in the past was to dig up the defective pipe and replace the section of pipe where the tree roots are growing into the drain pipe.  These days Curl Curl plumbing have come up with a more cost affective way to repair the pipe.  This method is called Pipe Relining.

The Pipe Relining technology has been used in Europe for over 30 years and now Curl Curl Plumbing are using this No Dig process on Sydney Northern Beaches & North Shore to help reduce cost and damage for all our blocked drain customers.

It is the NEW No Mess, No Fuss, No Damage blocked Drain Solution.

Call now to have a qualified drain technician come out to help you solve your blocked drain problem.

areas we serve
Areas we serve are North Shore, Northern Beaches, and Inner City including the following Councils:
  • Hornsby
  • Ku-ring-gai
  • Lane Cove
  • Manly
  • Mosman
  • North Sydney
  • Pittwater
  • Sydney
  • Warringah
  • Waverley
  • Willoughby
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