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Prevent Blocked Sewerage Pipes with the NEW
No Mess, No Fuss, No Dig Drain Cleaning Solution.

Blocked Drain Prevention -  Sewer.

Curl Curl Plumbing are your local Northern Beaches and North Shore specialists with expereincing clearing and unblocking sewer drains across the region for over a decade.  We know what it takes to get your blocked sewerage pipes cleared fast and flowing smoothly.  Drains are our speciality so we have the solution, tehcnology and expertise to fix your sewer blockage problems for life.

The most common cause of sewerage drain blockages is due to intruding tree roots to your system's external drainage.  This is usually the case with old, earthernware pipes but can also be problematic with PVC pipes.  Unfortunately, once the tree roots have entered your sewer pipes and drainage, they'll continue to come page no matter the equipment or techniques used to clear them.

Clear Sewerage blockages fast with no digging

The Curl Curl Plumbing team will use to power of high pressure water jets to blast your sewerage pipes and clear blockages fast.  This technique requires advanced technologies but will ensure the blockage is removed quickly with minimal disruption to surround turf or ground covers.  Traditionally, an electric eel used to be the norm for drain specialists to unclog a sewerage pipe however you'll be glad to know the high pressure water jetblaster now employed by the leading plumbing teams in Sydney, cuts the roots of cleanly at the edge of the pipe and will blast away any build-up sitting inside the pipe.  This faster, and more flexible technology provides long-lasting results - 20% longer in fact due to the superior technique of cutting with the high pressure water.

Find out what is causing your sewerage pipes to block

The job isn't over once your sewer drain is effectively flowing again.  Our Curl Curl Plumbing onsite pipe technician will discuss with you the cause and location of the blockage and prevention is the best and cheapest cure.  We will often employ an advanced, pipe CCTV drain camera to help us see underground and inside your pipes and effectively analyse your problem.  This will tell us the condition of your entire sewer line and blockage issues enabling your drain specialist to give you a report to help you make the best decision for the long-term condition of your drains. 

New technology for repairing sewerage pipes

When you partner with Curl Curl Plumbing, you're partnering with an experienced crew.  We have the technologies, tools and techniques that a one-man-band simply can't afford and this makes us the trusted sewerage blocked drains experts in Sydney.  We always give our customers the option to choose a quick, short-term fix or to invest in to a permanent solution to their sewerage pipes problem.  Many plumbers will advise is essential to dig up any unwanted or blocked pipes and replace that section of the pipe to repair damage, usually caused by tree roots.  We strongly advise you don't settle for this disruptive, time-consuming and costly solution.  We have a no-dig solution called pipe relining which allows you to have your pipe fixed  and repaired rather than replaced.  This cost-effective and non-disruptive technology has been employed in Europe for over 3 decades and now your local team at Curl Curl Plumbing are bringing this technology to the local Northern Beaches and North Shore of Sydney.  Reduce your cost, damage and time of your sewerage pipe problem.


It is the PROVEN No damage, No fuss and No mess blocked Drain Solution for Sydney homeowners.

Call now to arrange for one of our blocked drain technicians to come out to meet you.

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Areas we serve are North Shore, Northern Beaches, and Inner City including the following Councils:
  • Hornsby
  • Ku-ring-gai
  • Lane Cove
  • Manly
  • Mosman
  • North Sydney
  • Pittwater
  • Sydney
  • Warringah
  • Waverley
  • Willoughby
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